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Fukuoka City, Japan

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On this weather live webcam, you have an overview of the inviting Chuo Ward, which is located in the city centre of Fukuoka, Japan.
The moving cam stream with close-ups is located at the RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, displaying the refreshing city parks on a large lake, as well as Fukuoka cityscapes, including the major artery Meiji dori Avenue.

Ohori Park is visible in the centre of the lake, offering walking paths, canoes, and swan-shaped paddle boat rides, whilst Maizuru Park built around the ruins of Fukuoka Castle is visible on the bank and is one of the inviting green spaces, offering playgrounds and sports facilities. 
Among the landmarks are the Yafuoku Paypay Dome, a baseball field, and the modern skyscraper Fukuoka Tower.
Enjoy watching these expansive views of Fukuoka City, the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture, on the northern shores of Japan’s Kyushu Island.

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