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In this Privacy Policy 'non-personal data' means data we may collect from you but which does not identify you directly. This data may be 'aggregated' with other data to help us improve our Services and otherwise in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Children's privacy
We take special precautions respecting users under the age of 13. If a user chooses to register, they can input a date of birth, username and email address to set up an account. The under-13 user's account is limited to participating in those aspects of the Services that are deemed to be appropriate for users under 13; features of our Services that may involve the possibility of posting personal information, such as comments, are automatically disabled.

Immediately upon registration, the under-13 user's email address is turned into an encrypted format, a "one way hash", which we can't read and which is used to authenticate the user login process.

We do not permanently store the email addresses of users under 13 in a recoverable format and, because we do not retain the email addresses of under-13 users in a usable form after initial registration, we have no means of initiating contact with such users by email after registration. The user name of registered users under 13 is not used as a means to contact such users.

We do not collect more personal data than is necessary to respond to a question or one-off request from a user under 13, to provide parental notice or to obtain parental consent, nor do we distribute to third parties any personal information collected from children known to be under 13 without parental consent. Parents are invited to review their children's information by contacting us as described below.